We recognise that the decision, both of the potential patient and of their relatives, to take a place in a care home is often a difficult one and that the principal driver is the requirment for the constant availability of qualified nursing staff.

Our staff are fully trained and understand that every resident has different needs; this is reflected in their fully personalised care plans. Although our staff are on hand 24 hours a day, we encourage independence providing as much or as little help as required.

Social interaction is important, and we encourage residents to mix with others. Friends and relatives are also welcome to visit at any time. For those residents who, for whatever reason, are unable to mix socially with others and have few visitors, we arrange for a ‘professional visitor’ to drop in on a regular basis.

We recognise that Mount Olivet is home for the majority of our residents, and as such we provide freedom to carry out their daily routines without disturbing others. Our home is run for the convenience of our residents and we do all we can to ensure that they live happy and fulfilled lives.